Configuring an internal ReadTheDocs

Project Overview ReadTheDocs application to serve project documentation Simple and Straightforward, minimal overhead Modified to point to our domain, not readthedocs Restricted Public Access Technology Overview ReadTheDocs comes with the following technology stack: Varnish Nginx gunicorn postgres python/django solr (haystack search) Chef In an effort to align with some of the technologies I have some experience with, I modified the technology stack slightly, its now as follows:


I ran into an issue trying to generate a sitemap.xml file with Django’s built in sitemap view. After reading the documentation over a few times I still received the error: Django sitemap: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘values’ For some reason, it wasn’t obvious to me what the confusion was, but clearly others have encountered the issue as well. A quick google search turned up a question on StackOverflow.