My Notes On Uploading a Package PyPI

These are my notes for uploading to Pypi. Additionally, I've included some useful links that provide a lot of background. Register at PyPI You can do so here: Register at PyPI create a .pypirc file in your home directory vi .pypirc [distutils] index-servers = pypi [pypi] username: < username > password: < password > upload your package to PyPI cd < package root > python setup.

Django Deployment on Webfaction

Recently I deployed a django application to WebFaction (this blog!). While this wasn't the first app I've deployed there, I did forget a few steps along the way which required a bit of research and experimentation on my part. To avoid this in the future, I've documented the steps I took to deploy the app here. I'm going to assume that you have a django app working for you locally. If you don't have one, feel free to use this sample project available for download in bitbucket.