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Removing MySQL From OSX Lion

Recently I’ve had to remove a version of MySQL 5.5 from my Macbook so that I could go back to a 5.1 version. However it appears that there isn’t an automatic way to remove and install an older version. A few google searches revealed a bulk of the removal process, but additional searching revealed a few more steps.

Migrating a Mercurial Repository

When I first started playing with Python and Django, I was introduced to Mercurial. I had used Subversion for a while and once familiar with Mercurial, there was no going back (well…when I had the choice ;-) ). I’ve posted before that I use WebFaction as a host for my personal projects. This hosting also included setting up my own Hg server. I was happy, until Ken Cochrane turned me on to BitBucket.

Django Deployment on Webfaction

Recently I deployed a django application to WebFaction (this blog!). While this wasn’t the first app I’ve deployed there, I did forget a few steps along the way which required a bit of research and experimentation on my part. To avoid this in the future, I’ve documented the steps I took to deploy the app here.


I ran into an issue trying to generate a sitemap.xml file with Django’s built in sitemap view. After reading the documentation over a few times I still received the error:

Django sitemap: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘values’

Work in Progress

Please bear with me as I work on site functionality. Thanks!

Django Powered Blog

I’m moved my blog from a canned wordpress site, to this new django powered blog. I’ve forked Josh VanderLinden’s django-articles to a private repo in BitBucket for personal development and married it with this free skin from FreeHtml5Templates.