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Migrating a Mercurial Repository

When I first started playing with Python and Django, I was introduced to Mercurial. I had used Subversion for a while and once familiar with Mercurial, there was no going back (well…when I had the choice ;-) ). I’ve posted before that I use WebFaction as a host for my personal projects. This hosting also included setting up my own Hg server. I was happy, until Ken Cochrane turned me on to BitBucket.

I’ve been using BitBucket off and on for about a year now. My old projects have remained in my WebFaction repository, but my new projects have been going into BitBucket. No complaints. It has been solid and reliable. I can even setup SSH public keys for all my machines accessing the account. A plus when compared with my personal hosting.

So, it occurred to me. How do I convert all my projects over to BitBucket? As with most tasks I haven’t yet encountered I look to my friend Google to see if someone has solved the task in some trivial way. I should have realized how simple it was, but I’m glad I checked.

  • Create a project at
  • Clone a repo from the old repository. Ensure everything is up to date with latest code and tags.
  • Change the .hg/hgrc file to point to the new Bit bucket repository

    The old .hg/hgrc file

    default =

    The new .hg/hgrc file

    default = ssh:// account/project name
  • hg push

Yep, that’s all it took. I love Hg.

Inspired by Andrew Frayling’s post Bitbucket Import