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Django Projects to Django Apps: Converting the Unit Tests

Recently I went through a process of breaking a large django project into smaller installable applications. Each smaller component could be reused from within any number of django projects, but wasn’t a django project itself. One of the issues I encountered was “What do I do with the unit tests?” Using the standard ./ test no longer worked for me because my settings where in the master project.

I had heard of py.test, so this seemed like an opportunity to see if some of the py.test magic would work for me. Admittedly, I didn’t do a large amount of searching around for additional testing frameworks or processes…this was an excuse to try out the project. :)

Installing Redis on Docker

I’m currently employed by dotCloud and had an opportunity to play around with our open sourced linux container runtime project called Docker.

You’ll need to have an functional version of docker to follow these steps. I’ve included an overview of my notes for installation, however you can find additional installation instructions at the docker website.

Django View Decorators

I recently worked on a project that required a standard account and profile system. django-userena is usually my goto project for this due to its ease of setting up and its extensibility. There’s a subtle nuance to using this project’s default urls patterns in that the majority of the url patterns require passing the user’s username in the url. The username is then used in the view to find the user, since usernames are unique to the user.

Converting My Blog to Octopress

Recently I started looking into migrating my blog to something that would be a little easier to maintain. My Django powered blog was nice, but there where a lot of moving parts and required a lot of resource overhead (apache, mysql, django, etc…). I enjoy exploring new technologies so I started looking into static site generators.

Configuring an Internal ReadTheDocs

Project Overview

  • ReadTheDocs application to serve project documentation
  • Simple and Straightforward, minimal overhead
  • Modified to point to our domain, not readthedocs
  • Restricted Public Access

New Relic’s Python App Public Beta

I recently made the trek to Portland, OR for #djangocon. Demo’d there was New Relic’s Real-Time Performance tool, complete with a new implementation for Python apps! This seemed like some fantastic software, but I was skeptical as to how easy it would be to install. As an experiment, I used their public beta invite on this blog.

My Experience With Python-gnupg

I was working though some usage of python-gnupg with a co-worker and, in the hope of helping out others (or my future self), am posting my shell and bpython notes here. As time permits, I’ll clean up the notes.